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Written by: PP on 19/12/2013 20:40:12

Three years ago I stumbled on Antillectual's third album "Start From Scratch!", a fiercely political, complex punk rock album from Holland that drew considerable influence from bands like Propagandhi, Rise Against, and Bad Religion, while forging their own identity in the process. That path continues on fourth album "Perspectives & Objectives", where their socially conscious, intellectually driven slow to mid tempo punk rock continues to impress.

Where many albums are riff-driven or melody-driven, Antillectual's records are lyrics-driven, containing intelligent commentary on various issues ranging from the celebration of freedom of speech ("From Russian Pussy Riot, re-educated Indo-punks, to stoned emos in Iraq" on "Soundtrack") and criticism of the miniscule female role in the music scene ("I hoped we could provide a safer alternative in this gated community, but it seems we've failed" on "Pink Print") to arguing to set our differences aside for the betterment of the world ("I am a member of parliament, representing all citizens, not just one single nation but the whole fucking world" on "To All Members Of Parliament") and taking control of your own life ("It's up to us to write the sequel, it's up to us to live the unfinished stores, as we are the writers, the actors, and the audience all in one" on "Books"). Generally, they show a great awareness of current events and hence their songwriting reflects that. These are not just the ramblings of a frustrated Dutchman rather than poems as a world citizen about what we are doing wrong and what we should do better.

With such thematics it is understandable to discover their sound drawing as much from Propagandhi as it does, yet slowing it down both tempo-wise and in terms of technicality, to allow it room to breathe and for the messages to sink it. On "Soundtrack" and particularly the Bad Religion-esque "Books", the accompanying solid melody just means you'll be listening to the messages that much more.

That said, while the songs once again portray the band as intellectuals, "Start From Scratch!" had better, more memorable songs overall. "Perspectives & Objectives" still contains strong material throughout, but I'm leaning towards the predecessor when comparing the two directly together. Either way, let's hope Antillectual continue to hold the European punk rock flag high and show there's more to it than just fast skate punk bands, as tends to be the stereotype in mainland Europe.


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Release date 23.08.2013
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