Look Alive

Mistakes And Milestones EP

Written by: PP on 12/12/2013 23:51:05

Hailing from Atlanta, Look Alive are a treasure cove of high-energy pop punk for anyone who ever enjoyed the records released by Living With Lions with Stu Ross behind the pipes. Their new EP "Mistakes And Milestones" bears significant resemblance to those guys, most of all in the vocal department where their singer triumphs with his emotionally charged delivery and catchy choruses.

Essentially, "Mistakes And Milestones" is an upbeat, energy-driven pop punk album, that's strong on the melody side, but never makes the mistake of sounding too polished. The guitars ring and reverberate in the soundscape nicely, and enough distortion and d-beat style drumming means the songs rush by you at a speed that vacuums you along into singing along to their solid choruses, or spearheading the circle pit that inevitably should form for songs like "Sink Or Swim". There's also enough variety so it's not all just breakneck speed pedal to the floor type of material, but there's also room for slower guitar riffs, bouncy Set Your Goals type of pop-hardcore pieces, and everything in between.

It's safe to say if those two bands mentioned are among your favorites, you'll find plenty to like here. Look Alive might be a step or two behind those two as it stands now, but these seven tracks suggests that they have a bright future ahead of them. Emotional, raw, explosive, and enjoyable. Those are the keywords attached to this EP.


Download: Sink Or Swim, The Way I See It
For the fans of: Living With Lions, Set Your Goals
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Release date 02.07.2013
Autumn + Colour Records

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