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Spring Songs EP

Written by: PP on 12/12/2013 23:24:21

In the space of just two years we've seen an explosion of dreamy, emotionally crooned bands that draw from hardcore, post-hardcore, and punk rock equally to arrive at a genre that's not easy to pigeonhole. Daylight, Basement, Balance & Composure, Turnover, and of course Title Fight, whose previous album "Floral Green" will probably be looked at as the very best album in this style in a few years time, if it isn't considered that already. Their emotionally drenched, powerfully screamed songs are anthemic, yet down-to-earth and full of intimacy and urgency. But best of all they are depth-laden in a way that requires plenty of active-listening sessions before they open, ensuring that even a year later, I'm still often opting for Title Fight as my favored "on my way home drunk from town" music in my headphones. This is partially because they are layered in such a way that they click on the surface, in the middle, and deep down underneath when you thought you couldn't find anything new to like about the songs.

Now with that introduction, let us consider their new four-track EP called "Spring Songs". The band have opted to re-use the services of producer Will Yip, who was also behind the knobs for their full-length. Unsurprisingly, the four tracks on the EP feel like a cross-section of what is actually on "Floral Green", so much so that these could easily be leftover tracks from the "Floral Green" sessions they're now releasing as an EP. If that is the case, it speaks volumes and volumes about how great of a band Title Fight are today, because if you can afford to toss away tracks like "Be A Toy" and "Receiving Line", then your repertoire is simply astonishingly strong. Here, we get "Blush" and "Hypnotize" as the louder, screamed out loud tracks which rely on their angular punk rock core sound, whereas the two aforementioned tracks demonstrate the dreamy, contemplative side to the band, as seen on for example "Head In The Ceiling Fan" in the past. So in its essence, two tracks that showcase the angry, brooding side to the band, and two songs that display their ability to expand their soundscape into places few other bands related to hardcore / punk / post-hardcore can.

With that said, "Spring Songs" is a must purchase for any Title Fight fan despite its short length. It can also function as an access point to their music, as the level of depth here is on a similar level as on "Floral Green". Remember, on surface the songs feel simple, but once the complexities of their songwriting begins to unveil itself, you're in for a ride. "Spring Songs" is a bit too short to land on the 'classic' rating like its predecessor did, but it's a good reminder why I ranked "Floral Green" as the third best album overall in all of 2012.

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For the fans of: Turnover, Daylight, Basement, Balance & Composure
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Release date 12.11.2013
Revelation Records

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