One Mile Left

The High Rise Afternoon EP

Written by: PP on 11/12/2013 22:51:27

One Mile Left are a pop punk band from Bamberg, Germany with a capital P on their latest EP "The High Rise Afternoon". They reference the pop punk scene circa 2000 shamelessly, more specifically Blink 182 whose sound they have copied note-by-note, melody-by-melody, role-by-role throughout the EP, much like Future Idiots did on their fantastic remake of Blink 182's "Neighborhoods". Except here, One Mile Left aren't merely 'fixing' new Blink 182 songs into how they would've sounded in the old days, they are actually writing them.

Not even joking. "Fast Kills, Cheap Thrills" and "You Me, And The Dealer Tonight" sound exactly like how Blink sounded during either "Take Off Your Pants & Jacket" or "Enema Of The State", respectively, complete with the dual vocal harmonies, the alternating lines, and bright, yet clean pop punk guitars. Originality is thrown out the window and a copyright case is right around the corner as the band storm through songs that essentially sound so identical to Blink 182 that if it wasn't for the slight (and I mean slight!) differences in the two vocal styles, I'd almost be willing to guarantee these songs are some long-lost B-sides to one of those two aforementioned Blink 182 albums. That said, I actually don't mind because let's be honest here: Blink 182 in 2013 is but a pale shadow of what they used to be: a fun, light-hearted pop punk band with infectious melodies that turned out to be timeless genre classics. So if they're no longer writing that style, what harm is there done if another band picks up where they left off? So just like with Future Idiots, I can't help but feel a little soft spot for One Mile Left and their Blink 182 worship. This is how the band sounded like at their best, hence it feels more like a tribute than a robbery during any point of the EP. Highly recommended for Blink fans.

Download: "You, Me, And The Dealer Tonight", "Fast Kills, Cheap Thrills"
For the fans of: Blink 182, Future Idiots
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Release date 23.05.2013

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