Whack Yer Brain EP

Written by: PP on 11/12/2013 22:26:00

Lawnmower originate from three small towns in Michigan, and they've clearly been listening to 90s music for a long while now just like I did when growing up. A quick listen to their new EP "Whack Yer Brain" suggests that one group they are especially fond of is Superchunk, considering the constant barrage of noisy, buzzing, ringing melodies that carry exactly the sort of warmth and unwavering energy as those guys' material is renowned for doing.

But to call them a Superchunk clone would be wrong, because Hüsker Dü and 90s Weezer are also being referenced in a manner that draws equally much from the unpolished garage rock scenes as they do from indie-flavored overtones. The resulting mix is a nice and fuzzy sound, a fun listen that makes it sound like the band are at their most alive when buzzing their instruments around and giving them some of that extra reverb and distortion. Especially "Team Spirit" and the cacophonic "Spinner's Got A Mohawk" are drenched in positive energy, whereas "Adams" is more of a Weezer type of an awkward, weirdo song with its 90s flavor. Yes, all songs cherish the 90s like there's no end, but that's only a good thing in my books. At just five songs and 15 minutes though, the record races by you very quickly (especially given hints of punk in their tempo), and when it's done you're left wanting for more where there's none to be had. An exciting EP, that's a good platform for a full length in the future. Just watch out for those razor-sharp edges as production has been left purposefully unpolished here.


Download: Team Spirit, Spinner's Got A Mohawk
For the fans of: Superchunk meets The Thermals, Hüsker Dü, Weezer
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Release date 20.04.2013
Save Your Generation Records

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