Lost Along The Way

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It's kind of weird that "Lost Along The Way" is touted as a new Nothington album considering almost all of its 16 tracks have been released previously in one form or another. Though it's always lovely to hear Jay Northington's roared, gravelly vocals on record, the inclusion of rarities, demo versions, acoustic renditions, and live songs doesn't really add much to the experience if you already own their recorded output.

"Solid Ground" and "Save This", which open the record, sound like classic Nothington with shouted out dual vocals, one of them being the charismatic roar of Northington himself, and they are accompanied by catchy punk rock melodies to boot. These have appeared on splits with The Downtown Struts and Paper Arms, respectively, so they may be some fans haven't heard before. Also a wacky addition is the Off With Their Heads cover "Idiot", which is complete with a voicemail recording from said band's Ryan to Nothington's Chris, where he calls Jay a stupid fucking idiot for booking shows on days he already has shows with his other band. It's kind of stupid, but oh well. The other cover on the record is of One Man Army's "All The Way", which is an unusual song for Nothington's roared punk rock, and certainly presents the band in a different light than is usual.

Towards the end of the record you have four live songs recorded in Germany, of which "A Mistake" proves just how good of a song it is in a live environment. Otherwise, aside from the banter, they don't really add value due to their shitty quality recording. The same is with the acoustic songs; the faster and louder versions are just that much catchier and better in pretty much every which way you look at them. That's also why it's difficult to recommend "Lost Along The Way" to anyone but completionist collectors; most fans own this stuff already and won't be interested in having their favourite songs sounding worse. At the same time, this isn't the record to be introduced to the awesome band that is Nothington. Let's get a real new album out instead.

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Release date 15.10.2013
Red Scare Industries

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