Basic Instinct (EP)

Written by: EW on 05/12/2013 18:10:00

"Basic Instinct" is the debut EP from Israeli blackened thrashers, a band you may or may not recall my reviewing of the debut demo at the end of last year. The sound of the three-piece is now more focused on the darker end of their 80s thrash style, rather than the 'infernal rock n' roll' of the demo which never felt like a lasting fit for the band.

On this four-track release we start with the thrashing "The Beauty and the Bitch" which combines the wretched soul of Sodom and the modern trappings of Toxic Holocaust in a concise four-minute package, replete with a number of solos in the middle from vocalist/guitarist Butcher and a spirited rhythm riff which sticks rigidly to its game throughout. Next up, "Pedophile" opens with a quote of unknown source to me whereby a man is protest his lack of childhood - you can guess where the lyrics might head from here. Musically the track is on a similar plain to the last, reaping the dirty no-frills spirit of Sodom's under-rated "Better Off Dead". Moving onto a sloppily performed cover of Celtic Frost's classic "Into the Crypts of Rays" - this is an honest rendition of a genre defining song but sounds as if Promiscuity had only rehearsed it twice before hitting the 'Record' button. Closer "Maniac's Blues" sticks with the Celtic Frost formula (in turn sounding proximate with Darkthrone, themselves serial Frost copycats) with the slowest of their three tracks, although the guitar solo which forms the highlight of the track comes straight from the 'Motörhead do the Blues' book. A nice touch.

A short 14-minute burst giving good indication of Promiscuity's chosen path; it is down and dirty and a worthy listen for fans of Speedwolf, Toxic Holocaust and the likes, but certainly nothing ground-breaking as yet.


Download: The Beauty and the Bitch
For The Fans Of: Toxic Holocaust, Speedwolf, Sodom
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Release date: 19.10.2013

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