Funeral For A Friend


Written by: KS on 10/07/2005 14:24:52

Funeral For A Friend's new album 'Hours' didn't take me by storm like their last effort did. I was quite disappointed that they had left out a lot of the screaming. They have strived to achieve a more poppy sound and perhaps get more airtime on MTV. After that being said, this is not a bad album. It has really grown on me, though I know for sure that I would love it even more if they hadn't left out those screaming parts. Great guitar hooks and Matt Davies clear vocals make this album stand out from the rest. Unfortunately they have included some very slow and in my opinion very boring songs. I don't know why most bands do this these days but I can assure you that I'm not a big fan of this. If I want something acoustic-like I know where to go and what to listen to. I don't need to get acoustic injections from all these bands. Overall this is an above average album but those damn acoustic songs ruin the whole experience for me. Songs like 'Roses For The Dead' and 'The End of Nothing' has already become classics in my book and if I were to make the perfect Funeral For A Friend 10 song album, those 2 would for sure be on it.


Download: Roses For The Dead, The End Of Nothing
For the fans of: Halifax, Finch

Release date 14.6.2005
Atlantic Records

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