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Written by: PP on 03/12/2013 23:24:04

When I say revivalist emo, you say...? Most likely bands like Braid and Mineral come to mind, since they were among the proprietors of the genre during the mid 90s, and they are also channeled throughout "Pretty Good", the latest EP by the always self-ironic Dads (their previous record was called "American Radass (This Is Important)"). But these pioneering bands aren't just mercilessly cloned throughout the EP; they are rather interpreted and meshed with modern influences from like-minded contemporaries like Tawny Peaks, Everyone Everywhere, History's History, Spraynard and many others, who are all dealing with the revivalist emo in one way or another.

So what's the Dads angle into all this? Well, they take the same, fragile melodies as the above bands, as well as the introspection and slightly awkward vocal stance, and throw in math rock elements and cacophonic instrumental sections that really underline the classic quiet/loud dynamic that post-hardcore bands used to love to play with during the early part of the 2000s. Here, the songs are quiet and tranquil one moment - almost post-rockish if you will - and break into schizophrenic complexity that's as loud as it is intricate in its nature the next, offering a good mix of both worlds for yet another take on how original emo is meant to sound like.

Contrasts are indeed stark on this one. Where opener "My Crass Patch" sources from punk rock and even hardcore in places, closer "No, We're Not Actually" finishes things off in a lull for four tracks of pretty much everything you've heard done in the genre in the last few years. This has made Dads one of the more interesting bands in the genre, though I'm still not entirely convinced they are as exciting as some of the other bands mentioned in this review.


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For the fans of: Everyone Everywhere, American Football, Tawny Peaks, History's History
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Release date 06.08.2013
6131 Records

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