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Grimmthurs are a Danish death metal band from Odense, whose five-track self-titled EP primarily consists of pummeling serpentine style riffs (think Morbid Angel), but also occasionally borrows enough from blackened thrash to make their expression a little bit less obviously death metal. Unfortunately, the EP feels poorly finished due to awful production that leaves all instruments out-of-balance and unclear in the mix. In 2013 when anyone can download software to self-produce their own record using a simple laptop and a few proper microphones, this kind of shoebox production is simply no longer acceptable for a serious effort.

So let's treat it more as a demo for now, an exhibit of what Grimmthurs are able to do for the Danish press and underground metal fans alike. In that department, they have one spark in the form of "Faeton", which has some very, very catchy riffs for a death metal release. This is an excellent song that strikes out at the listener even through the muddy production. "Repent", while being a far more traditional death metal song, also features good fretwork that suggests Grimmthurs are capable of writing a decent record at some point in the future.

As it stands right now, though, the other three tracks aren't worth mentioning here, both because they suffer extra much due to the production, but also because they are far below what is considered acceptable standard of songwriting within the death metal department. Here, especially the lowly growled vocals are an irritant, because they are pretty much the only thing you can hear from the midst of the unmastered instrumental mess. Now, this might seem like a negative review, and it is to an extent because we need to be realistic when reviewing records. That said, the positive thing to take out of this is that "Faeton" truly is a solid song. More of these and then we're talking.


Download: Faeton, Repent
For the fans of: Morbid Angel meets blackened thrash
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Release date 01.05.2013

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