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I'll Be Fine

Written by: PP on 27/11/2013 23:35:03

Ever thought how it might sound like if you put together Lagwagon and Bayside? Or more specifically, take Joey Cape's characteristic 90s style skate punk vocals, merge them with the introspective musical style of the latter, and up the tempo a little? Yeah, sort of difficult to imagine, but that's basically how The Sheds sound like. The vocals resemble Joey Cape almost to the letter, while the instrumentals draw from Bayside, yet often shift themselves into high-octane tempo when the song so requires. Think The Swellers here, except we're in a much darker territory musically. What's more surprising is that this record is coming out on Mediaskare, who are more known for their deathcore releases than melodic punk rock, but it's always nice to see a label diversify their offerings like this. Especially because "I'll Be Fine" is a pretty catchy record overall.

It's also a diverse record. "Writer's Block" sounds like something that could've been on a Title Fight record given its dreamy style, or a Polar Bear Club record given the gruff vocal delivery employed here. Yet "Everything I Love" leans more towards alternative rock with its infectiously catchy chorus, and "Bad Things Are Bad" owns a tighter, melodic punk approach, and even features Hundredth's Chadwick Johnston screaming on guest vocals for a heavier, hardcore-rooted section near the middle of the track. Otherwise, the record relies on melancholic clean vocals, which lend themselves well for some extremely catchy choruses on more than few occasions.

"I'll Be Fine" might not be one of the most original records with all of the above considered, but it's a good record that sails between melodic punk and emotive alternative rock with a number of good songs included. It is a little inconsistent between the best tracks and the 'standard' tracks of the record especially in the chorus department, but then again, the best songs are very, very good so I'll live with that for now.


Download: Everything I Love, Tunnel Vision, Bad Things Are Bad
For the fans of: Bayside, The Swellers, Half Hearted Hero, Polar Bear Club
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Release date 23.07.2013

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