Gold Skies Ahead

Bremerton EP

Written by: PP on 27/11/2013 22:56:39

It has taken me a while to look at Gold Skies Ahead, who hail from Bedford, UK with an interesting mixture of genres. On one hand, they reference the anthemic emo-alternative bands like Anberlin and Armor For Sleep, but at the same time their new EP "Bremerton" carries a much darker mood and vibe, kinda like Alkaline Trio or Bayside records do in their gothic glory.

Here, Gold Skies Ahead dabble between pop punk, alternative rock, emo, and even few brief passages of metalcore for a surprisingly catchy end result that takes the best elements from each genre. The melodies are strong and contain good dynamics, thanks to a faint electronic backdrop behind each song giving them the dark mood. "All This Way", which features Mike Herrera of Mxpx, is the album highlight alongside "Ghosts", both tracks which should propel Gold Skies Ahead into quite a bit of opportunity within UK for support slots in the coming months. Pretty much the only misstep on the record is the straight up pop rock track "Crying", which sounds like any boy band could've written it (think Backstreet Boys or Boyzone here - no kidding). When the band kick up the speed to alternative rock levels and even higher, they are at their best. They have a knack for writing extremely catchy choruses, so if they can keep this up on a full length in the future, fans of bands like Yashin and Unifier should be interested in no time.

Download: All This Way, Ghosts, This Time I Mean It
For the fans of: Bayside, Anberlin, Armor For Sleep, Unifier, Yashin
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Release date 15.07.2013

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