Paint It Black

Invisible EP

Written by: PP on 27/11/2013 22:39:24

In just eleven minutes and across six tracks, Paint It Black remind the hardcore scene how a brilliant record in this genre sounds like. Through the vitriolic vocal performance of Dan Yemin through the unconventional rhythmic setup to the unpredictable and constantly changing tempo, "Invisible" is everything you want from a hardcore punk record, and arguably the sort of record you'll give to someone who has one of the following arguments: hardcore punk bands all sound the same, hardcore punk isn't an interesting genre, or hardcore hasn't been good for decades now. The six tracks on "Invisible", the first new Paint It Black material in four years by the way, are simply that good, that convincing, and that packed with reverent immediacy and urgency. It's a record which is as intense as they come in hardcore, yet demonstrates that melody and speed can be liberally included alongside intellectual lyrics without sacrificing any of the sound, the feeling, nor the energy usually associated with the genre.

And precisely because of the elements mentioned above, "Invisible" is a varied record, which offers something for everyone. Like the more melodically tinged tracks from Kid Dynamite? Check out "Headfirst", where Lifetime vibes are also strong. Yes, Dan Yemin's bitter scream dominates, but the semi-clean backing vocals make this track a winner. Are you more into the balls-to-the-walls, yelled hardcore? See the explosive delivery on "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs" or "Props For Ventriloquism". Prefer mid-tempo material instead? "Little Fists" is your choice of song.

Basically, "Invisible" meshes together melodic hardcore, punk rock, and straight up hardcore in a fiery, politically charged mix that sounds like it's the most relevant record you'll have heard in years. The two-minute intermittent bursts of pure hardcore godhood leads me to believe hardcore simply doesn't come any better than this in 2013, or at least not in as innovative and enjoyable form.


Download: Greetings Fellow Insomniacs, Headfirst, Little Fists
For the fans of: Kid Dynamite, Ceremony, Have Heart, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty
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Release date 02.04.2013
No Idea Records

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