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Written by: PP on 26/11/2013 23:54:09

Ok seriously, the more I listen to opening track "Teenage Dancer" off "Too Cold EP" by Dutch group The Road Home, the more I think some of its riffs are directly lifted off a Gaslight Anthem record. Especially the final riffs of the record are more than just homage to the Bruce Springsteen influence of said band. But that's about where the direct similarities stop, and it all merely starts boiling down to direct influence of Bruce Springsteen more than anything else. It is therefore also not surprising to find parallels towards Sharks, American Steel, Luther, and The Cold Beat among others who have drawn from the Bass throughout the years.

One quirk The Road Home have that many of their contemporaries don't is their vocalist. If you thought Joey Cape of Lagwagon had unique vocals, think again, because this is about as close as you'll get to replicating some of the slower material (vocally) of Lagwagon as you'll get. As a result, you get a weird skate punk vs mainstream rock/punk contrast as you have a guy singing that you immediately associate with the 90s skate punk scene over melodies that are basically what you've been hearing at radio stations and festivals across the continent for the better part of the last four years or so.

It goes to The Road Home's credit that none of the songs are so directly cloned from any of their colleagues for it to really matter as anything but a passing reference in the back of your head as you're listening to the songs. It also means they are great songs, leaving me with a difficult choice of which one of the six on offer to present to you as the perfect introduction to The Road Home. All of them are solid, Americana-styled punk rock songs with big, clean guitars and solid choruses. Let's see how they'll fare on a full-length album, before we'll reach final verdict, though.

Download: Teenage Dancer, Young Vigilantes
For the fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, Sharks, American Steel, Bruce Springsteen, Luther, The Cold Beat
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Release date 15.06.2013
Shield Recordings

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