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Dudes Legacy EP

Written by: PP on 26/11/2013 23:41:38

With an EP called "Dudes Legacy" and a band name of 4th 'N' Goal, I don't think there was ever any doubt on what sort of music these Italians were engaged in. Easycore, or pop-hardcore as it is called in some circles, is the name of the game here, with plenty of references towards early Set Your Goals, as well as the breakneck speed, yet positive and super-bright approaches by like-minded bands such as With The Punches, Handguns, I Call Fives - you name it. It is their sophomore EP, and the enthusiasm is infectious throughout, resulting in plenty of upbeat, fun choruses such as the EP highlight on "Less Talk, More Dudes".

The funny thing is that as much as these guys reference the east-coast fun-filled easycore scene, they are actually from Milan, Italy, a geographical factor which is entirely concealed by their bouncy, energetic sound. New Found Glory are the forefathers of this type of sound, but at this point so many bands have altered, interpreted, and taken influence from their sound that we're left with only the bright guitar melodies on the background, all of which are delivered with high tempo, good technical flair, and plenty of focus on a ridiculously catchy lead riff each time. On top of this, the vocals absolutely explode on top, sometimes in pure pop punk style, elsewhere with hardcore style yelling, though never forgetting to include a wealth of melody in process.

Simply put, "Dudes Legacy" embraces the easycore genre and every one of its qualities shamelessly head on. Everything from uber-catchy breakdowns to poppy choruses, quick tempo shifts into high-octane pop punk, and ridiculous lyrics is present. Usually that results into a danger of sounding cliché and derivative, but not here. There's simply too much enthusiasm and collective joy involved in playing these songs that, well, it's hard to find anything wrong with it.

Download: Nothing But Net, Music Is Over, Less Talk More Dudes
For the fans of: Set Your Goals, With The Punches, Handguns, I Call Fives,
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Release date 02.05.2013
Slakeless Heart Records

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