Turf Wars

Written by: PP on 30/04/2007 15:30:23

By now all returning readers will surely know my passion for honest punk rock bands, and how much I respect them for their fast melodies and meaningful messages instead of singing about lost girlfriends and whatnot. So at the recommendation of Misery Signals, I went on to check Daggermouth, and they are another one of these very melodic, speedy punk hardcore bands that mix gang shouts, clean slates and scratched vocals together in skatepunk speeds and catchiness of pop punk bands.

Stretching just barely past the 22 minute mark, "Turf Wars" runs by you very quickly. But those 22 minutes are packed with fast guitars, positive and uplifiting melodies, and simple lyrics with a message. "Glendale P.D. Hates Daggermouth" sounds like a mixture of Good Clean Fun-style posi-hardcore and Set Your Goals oriented hardcore-fuelled pop punk. Most of the album falls somewhere in between these two bands: the harsh edges and lo-fi 'real punk rock' production of Good Clean Fun, and the inspirational, overly melodic, and bouncy pop punk of Set Your Goals.

By now I'm sure you've caught the gist. It's very much to the point given its short length, and there are a few songs that don't even reach up to the one minute mark. But if you're as much into the 'nod your head as fast as you can' rhythms and audible honesty as I am, Daggermouth is a sure choice for you. "Turf Wars" may not be the most original record out there, but it's a fun record, and one that's without a doubt a blast live.

Download: Glendale P.D. Hates Daggermouth
For the fans of: Set Your Goals, Good Clean Fun, Lifetime, Shook Ones
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Release date 27.03.2007
State Of Mind Recordings

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