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Written by: PP on 21/11/2013 19:19:34

It's only been a few weeks since I saw Paint It Black play one of the most intense sets of hardcore possible in front of a couple of thousand people so their soundscape is still fresh in my mind. That's relevant here because This Routine Is Hell have always shown a penchant for Paint It Black through their own sound, one that still rears its not-so-ugly head on their latest album "Howl", though the band have formed their own identity on top of that basic, primal hardcore expression.

By combining together the unwavering intensity and tight instrumentation of Converge with the ripping, aggression-laden hardcore of Paint It Black, the band have arrived at a truly ripping sound, one that's characterized by brief, immediacy-packed bursts of hardcore energy, that occasionally diverge into a more atmospheric and ambient direction (see "Gloom", for example). Elsewhere, the band channel their inner chaos in a manner that makes it very, very clear that this is a Kurt Ballou production, given how closely the unpredictable nature of the instrumentation on "Cancer" follows the chaotic hardcore legends in every which way.

If fierce, stop/start style abrasive hardcore is where you find your mind at peace, then the dissonant, piercing sound of This Routine Is Hell should be where you find yourself feeling right at home. This isn't groundbreaking material like much of Paint It Black's material, but these dutch folks nonetheless know how to kill it on a hardcore record.


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For the fans of: Paint it Black, Ceremony, Converge
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Release date 10.04.2013
Shield Recordings / Cobra Records / Ruins Records

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