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Point Zero Solution

Written by: MN on 20/11/2013 15:27:39

Gothenburg-based Deals Death was first introduced to me when they opened for Soilwork in Copenhagen two weeks ago. Being a pure-bred Gothenburg school band, Deals Death isn’t the most original thing I have ever heard, but their melodic death metal execution is magnificent. They are essentially a blend of the Swedish and Finnish schools of Melodic Death Metal. They retain a modern expression developed by the likes of Soilwork and In Flames, but also compose tracks with neoclassical elements quite reminiscent of Children Of Bodom and Norther.

Their 2011 sophomore release “Elite“ was a promising display of metal with substance and heavy hitters like “Fortified” and “Eradicated” being a pair of fantastic tracks. “Point Zero Solution” continues to utilize a similar style: The ultra clean production and crunchy thrash riffs compliments the epic chorus which features in most songs. I can imagine that the global metal community will probably conclude that the recipe is followed very concisely and for this reason it will inevitably get shelved as just another Gothenburg style band that mimics the likes of Dark Tranquility and at times Arch Enemy. Yet, I believe that the recipe is a classic “if it aint broke don’t fix it“ situation and “Point Zero Solution” proves this by adhering to tradition and doing it with flare.

The dual opener “Point Zero Solution” and “Facing The Echoes” starts the album out with intensity, tasteful interludes and bombastic choruses of which the latter provides some of the best vocal lines in the album. “Escalation” and “Flatline” are some of the highlights that just pummel ahead like a freight train with equal heaviness. “Passion For Infinity” and “The Separation" slows down the tempo and contain promising solos. “Paramount Authority” is definitely one of the strongest tracks on the record, mainly due to the fantastic guitar work.

There is no doubt that there are a couple of killer tracks on this record. I’m just afraid that they will eventually get boring because of the routine-based songwriting. The lyrics are primarily based on humanity’s destruction of our own planet and these lyrics will probably not haunt your dreams, but at least they retain consistency in the album. Nonetheless, I enjoy the Gothenburg expression, it will always be a pleasure to listen to, but if Deals Death want to reach out further, they have to step out of this comfort zone to avoid comparison to greats like Dark Tranquility and Soilwork. Not in any way a bad album, just quite standard.


Download: Point Zero Solution, Facing The Echoes, Paramount Authority
For The Fans Of: Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquility, In Flames

Release Date 13.09.2013

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