The Slow Death

No Heaven

Written by: PP on 15/11/2013 23:18:00

With ex-members from Soviettes, Dillinger Four, and with Mikey Erg in the band, I guess you can suitably argue for The Slow Death being a punk rock supergroup of sorts. And given that they're from Minneapolis, it's also no surprise to discover the band playing a variation of no-frills and Midwestern punk rock on their sophomore full length "No Heaven". You know, rowdy vocals, rollicking guitars, thick bass-lines, and an ear for simple but oh-so-catchy choruses.

If that sounds similar to you, then you're on the right track, or you're probably a fan of Off With Your Heads, whose sound is probably the closest to the one exhibited by The Slow Death on this record. Hints of Dillinger Four can be found in the guitar department, sure, but it's the rowdy, roughened delivery of their vocalist that draws a direct parallel to Ryan Young of OWTH most of the time. He might not be lyrically as strong, but a quick listen to opening track "A Little Less Ugly" suggests that as songwriters they're right up there with said band. At the same time, a song like"I Need A Drink" is as catchy as any put out by OWTH; the lead riff opens up the pit for a party, and the gravelly "goddamn I need a drink" chorus is sure to be a hit at basement style shows on both sides of the pond.

The no-frills attitude means that most songs on "No Heaven" sound incredibly alike, but then again, OWTH have been writing this album for three records in a row now, so does it really matter with another addition to the Midwestern punk family? Based on songs like "Not Cool" and "Hang Up The Phone", I'm inclined to say it doesn't, because they are fun, catchy punk rockers even if they aren't out to reinvent the wheel.

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Release date 05.08.2013
Rad Girlfriend Records

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