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Written by: JWM on 05/11/2013 20:42:09

For the first time in a long stretch of discovering new music I have actually felt nostalgia. Not just a little nostalgic mind you, but a potent amount, almost as if my mind was transported to 7 years ago, a time where I rapidly digested a lot of the emo-pop explosion as it was coming out. But then I suddenly reminded myself of where I am and what I'm listening too. I'm listening to Canadian three-piece band Courage My Love and their second extended play's second track "Cold Blooded". And you too will feel it, as those soaring chants complement aggressive drumming and melodic chords. "Take comfort, you'll find a new lover/ Cold blooded, I know what you are." Sings Mercedes Arn-Horn with blunt sarcasm to her ex-boyfriend. Coming in after the opener of "Skin And Bone", Courage My Love introduce their sound as one laced with a plethora of pianos, cellos and of dual vocal roles between Mercedes and her sister, drummer Phoenix Arn-Horn.

"Unfamiliar Sheets" is the wavy synthesizers of Motion City Soundtrack meets the wall-of-sound instrumentation of Paramore's first album. "All I Need" is a twinkly love ballad which falls under the "so sugary it rots your teeth" category. Then with "Lost Cause", things get a little down tuned. Thick heavy metal/post-hardcore licks complement this Funeral For A Friend-like tune, and such an influence is just as visible on "We're Not In Kansas Anymore".

If this was released eight years ago, this would have been one of the most advanced batches of music in the alternative scene, but also would have fitted in perfectly. The fusion of emo-pop vocals and lyrics, post-hardcore diversity and metallic guitars nods at the ambition of early Funeral For A Friend, but also offers the soft vocal play and youthful tragedy of early Paramore. If they can use these clearly promising song writing abilities to produce something more signature, they will find a great place in the scene.

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Release Date 06.11.2013
Homeskool Prom Records

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