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Rat Race EP

Written by: JWM on 05/11/2013 20:33:49

It's been close to 16 months since British trancecore innovators Enter Shikari released their stellar and phenomenal third album "A Flash Flood Of Colour" and from then on it's been continuous and non-stop touring across the world. But somehow in between all off this they've managed to write three fantastic new songs with loyal producer Dan Weller at their side, releasing them as singles every couple of months this year. This EP has all of them plus a remix of one of those.

From the unconventional Nintendeocore attitude of "The Paddington Frisk" (perhaps a linguistic play on "Harlem Shake") and the hard hitting synth rock of "Radiate" we are then graced with the rapped-screamed fast paced post-hardcore of "Rat Race", the song goes strangely with a synthesised brass-like orchestra, which will bring memories of the Sega Mega Drive Sonic games' soundtracks. There is a sense of evolution in the latter two, "Radiate" and "Rat Race", as they use more typical rock song structures, an uncommon feature of Enter Shikari. However, the flaw I find with "Rat Race" is that perhaps it's introduction last for a bar too long: Repetition works, but only with progression to build things up. The EP concludes with a Shikari Sound System remix of "Radiate". The Shikari Sound System is the industrial/drum and bass alter ego of the band but for this EP they have produced a very chilled-out and textured affair, something which oozes with euphoria.

As a brief snippet of the band both stylistically and lyrically, this is a fantastic EP. Perhaps this EP would have been completed by their very popular Shikari Sound System remix of "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me The Horizon; however, serious faults cannot be pointed out in the tracks themselves and I imagine the cost to include the remix might have made it less worth it. All I know is if this music is anything to go by, album number four should be massive.


Download: The Paddington Frisk; Radiate; Rat Race; Radiate [Shikari Sound System Remix]
For The Fans Of: Pendulum; I See Stars
Listen: Enter Shikari's facebook

Release Date 04.11.2013
Ambush Reality

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