A Spark of Times of Old

Written by: MST on 25/10/2013 16:28:05

I recently reviewed the fourth album by the Swedish one-man ambient black metal band Lustre, and I was pleasantly surprised by the music created by Henrik 'Nachtzeit' Sundin on that album as it was my first encounter with the Swede and his atmospheric soundscape. As noted in that review, Nachtzeit releases lots of music, and so it is time to take a look at another Lustre release.

"A Spark of Times of Old" is an EP, or MCD if you will, containing a single 19-minute song. Those who are familiar with Lustre will not find any surprises here as the style is as is expected from Nachtzeit: slow, simple drumwork, guitars that only really create a fuzzy background as they are way too distorted to actually contribute with anything else, some simple black metal vocals here and there, and of course the atmospheric synths that make Lustre's sound what it is. There's very little variation throughout the song as the same decent melodies repeat themselves for a little too long, while Nachtzeit's high pitch shrieks lead the music until the keyboard takes over for a while until the vocals return. The formula is simple, and at times it worked wonders on "Wonder", but "A Spark of Times of Old" doesn't present enough epic melodies or create atmospheres enchanting enough to attract the listener's attention for 19 minutes. It's not a bad song, as certain melodies are at least pleasing to the ear, but I find it a bit too average for a 19-minute track as it feels like it meanders on for a while far too often.

Lustre has released great LP's and EP's previously, but with Nachtzeit's current output rate and the simplicity of his musical style there's bound to be limits to how much good music we'll hear from Lustre. "A Spark of Times of Old" is hardly the most exciting release of this year and will probably only interest the die-hard Lustre fans, and I doubt I'll be returning to it anytime soon.


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Release Date 31.12.2012

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