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Since its formation in 2007, California-based Christian hardcore band Leaders, known then as ALLORNOTHING, have seen great success in the US having shared the stage with Thick As Blood, King Conquer and War of Ages to name a few. The band went through line-up changes up until 2011 where they changed the name to Leaders and released their debut album "Now We Are Free". Sophomore album "Indomitable" was released this September on Facedown Records.

Leaders play raw and heavy metalcore with some death metal influences and are a strong and well-fitting addition to an already impressive Facedown roster that includes other Christian hardcore acts such as Gideon, Hope For The Dying and Your Memorial. "Indomitable" is not an album of supreme technique or incredibly advanced time signatures, but is a no-nonsense hardcore album of eleven hard-hitting songs filled with chugging riffs, heavy breakdowns, blast beats and faith-filled lyrics delivered ferociously by aptly named vocalist Lazarus Rios. Rios displays a mixture between raw, mid-range hardcore vocals and a more guttural death metal approach, and he even throws in a few highs and some spoken word parts here and there. This vocal variation fits the songs which are varied in tempo and it keeps the level of tediousness to a minimum when listening to the album.

First track entitled "Hell" starts off with a sound resembling someone hitting a gong in the distance. This leads to a breakdown and a few switches between fast and slow tempo riffs. The gong sound is present in the background for most of the song which gives it an eerie doom-tinged atmosphere which is added to by the off-key sound of a piano outro. All the while Rios screams his lyrics about overcoming depravity: “This is Hell, no one is here to save you, this is what you chose. Live for yourself and no one else, demons surround you and your cries will go unheard. Is this really what you want?

"Weak Minds" is a clear highlight of the album. It starts out with death metalesque blasting courtesy of drummer Johnathen Somner and features the always brutal vocal delivery of Impending Doom’s Brook Reeves, who lends his talent to the track. Reeves’ vocals are a bit deeper than Rios’ and they complement each other very well. The song follows the lyrical theme of searching for truth and fighting one’s demons:

The wool’s been pulled over your eyes by the devil himself, stand up and open your eyes, stand up and speak, stand up and lead.” Rios and Reeves both deliver great performances on the track and each puts the lyrics across with aggression and poignancy.

"Indomitable" is an excellent record. It is heavy, aggressive and to the point and features a good mix between hardcore and metal that is sure to appeal to fans of other crossover acts like A Plea For Purging and In the Midst of Lions. The lyrics are faith-filled, but not over-preachy and thus can be enjoyed by people who would not normally choose a Christian album.


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For The Fans Of: A Plea For Purging, In the Midst of Lions, Impending Doom
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Release Date 03.09.2013

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