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Written by: LF on 21/10/2013 15:44:06

Let It Happen is a pop punk/pop rock band from Ohio who released their label-debut the "Unravel" EP this summer. As the earlier "It Hurts But It's Worth It" EP from 2011 "Unravel" is a dynamic and solid six-track EP but with a slightly more polished sound. Individually every song on the EP is a decent one but presented together like this it's impossible to miss how similar they sound.

The EP starts off promising with the catchy intro riff of the energetic "The Blame Game" that grabs you by the hand and takes you for a dance as the edgy lead guitar and the driving bass pushes the music forward seamlessly. The band prides itself rightly on its raw and accessible lyrics which any teenager can probably relate to, but they don't really stand out as exceptional despite gems here and there like the intro lines from "Over My Head": "When I found the key to happiness / You went and changed the locks again / Now I'll beat this door down and tell you what I think...".

"Ghost of Yesterday" has the most positive vibe of the six songs and this plays well together with the eerie undercurrent of the lyrical theme of unwanted past memories, but the song is at the same time the most generic one on the EP. In general the band has lost the more raw and interesting sound they had earlier and have made a bunch of songs that are so similar in structure and sound that the slightly inattentive listener can easily listen through three songs without realizing that they're not the same one. This similarity is worst from second track "Say You'll Stay" to "Over My Head". The last track "Us Against The World" fortunately has a groove that makes it refreshingly stand out from the earlier tracks as it floats underneath rhythmic guitars and resentful lyrics but it's a little late to introduce proper variation.

With this release some of the edge that could be heard on Let It Happen's 2011 EP has been filed off and it makes for a catchy but generic label-debut that isn't very inspiring.


Download: Over My Head, Ghost of Yesterday, Us Against The World
For The Fans Of: Relient K, Yellowcard, Third Eye Blind, The Starting Line, Jimmy Eat World
Listen: facebook.com/LetItHappenBand

Release Date 06.08.2013
InVogue Records

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