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Half Light

Written by: HES on 20/10/2013 20:14:16

Bands like Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance once and for all opened the post-hardcore genre for frontmen who could actually sing - and sing really well by that. Luckily this has not been a down-spiralling trend, and Myself in Mirrors are now ready to pick up the torch with their EP-debut "Half Light". The Jersey-based band does not only mildly copy the vocal stylings of the before-mentioned bands, but also their fast-paced tempo, making "Half Light" quite an energetic release as well. As we move deeper into the record, I am afraid the band has a few issues with the soundscape sometimes becoming a bit too dense - with all six members pounding away on instruments simultaneously the EP is missing a bit of contrast.

While songs like "This Is Now" sounds so much like Emarosa that it's hard to call it original, the band starts finding itself on songs like "The Diamond; The Quota" and "We Shall Meet In A Place Where There Is No Darkness" that goes a bit slower and using the bass drum better, keeping the soundscape more grounded. I also understand that the band, like Emarosa and Emery, likes to test the borders of being almost slightly out of tune for the sake of the crooked effect it has. They especially use it on "Piene Forte Et Dure" which literally translates to the fitting "hard and forceful punishment".

I appreciate this and commend bands who strive to challenge the boundaries of melody - however it is actually physically fatiguing for the brain to constantly notice small of-on tune changes - this is the same reason Mozart has such a good rep, because his stuff is so melodic. I'm not saying music should always be easy-listening, but you're expecting a lot of your listener if you don't take it into consideration, that counter-melodic parts need following melodic parts. Especially on "We Shall Meet In A Place Where There Is No Darkness" fronman Nick Makosky is falling in and out of tune without it being obvious if he is meant to or not.

Overall "Half Light" is an interesting debut. This band could either end up doing something really good for the genre or basically plagiarize it. The EP points in both those directions and they may need to seriously consider what is themselves and what is their influences and that these two are not always the same - So far they are on the verge of sounding too much like their inspiration instead of doing something original.

Download: Piene Forte Et Dure, The Diamond; The Quota
For The Fans Of: Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive

Release Date 19.11.2013
Imminence Records

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