War Torn Angel

Depth/Distance EP

Written by: LF on 20/10/2013 16:52:09

War Torn Angel is a metalcore/electronicore band from the state of Virginia. The "Depth/Distance" EP is their first recording and is self-released. Considering this the sound of it is very impressive as they execute the metalcore sound to perfection and the production is spot on, so this release should definitely bring them to the attention of the labels.

Intro track “Submersion” builds up with an electronic beat to the brutal breakdown that releases the second track “Calloused” which is a stand out track on this EP that brilliantly shows off the powerful guitars and amazing vocals - both screamed and clean - that make out the highlights of this band's sound. Ice Nine Kill's Spencer Charnas also provides guest vocals on this song but this doesn't add anything radically different to the mix which is a bit of a shame.

Of the next three songs "Widowmaker" is the most interesting. It progresses seamlessly through powerful breakdowns, gang vocals, an amazing clean chorus and even a little speech on fighting through life. Electronic vocal effects shine through here as well as on the last track “Dead Hands” which has some cool beats but provides for a so-so ending to the EP as it sort of fades out instead of providing the solid frame for the EP that the sheer power of the sound calls for.

Despite the great musicianship of this band and the spot on metalcore sound, there are some elements I don't particularly like in this EP. One is that every song begins with a more or less generic breakdown. It's passable for a five track EP but for a full-length this would require some work. Another is the mix of the harder and softer parts of the music as the screams and cleans, powerful breakdowns and more melodic guitars seem to never cross over into each other's territory. The transitions between them are seamless and executed with incredible ease and this is good as it doesn't make the music sound too divided but after several listens I find myself yearning for the melodies to seep into the breakdowns and the hardcore beats to be more present in the melodic choruses as well, as this would make for a much more complex and interesting listening experience.

Download: Widowmaker, Calloused
For the fans of: Bring Me The Horizon; Miss May I; Woe, Is Me; Emarosa; Underoath
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Release Date 24.09.2013

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