From Chaos To Order

Written by: PP on 14/10/2013 23:07:41

Since we're on the topic of supergroups today, or at the very least bands with famous members in their lineup, let's take a look at Implants from California, which counts amongst its members people from Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, and Death By Stereo among other bands. They play a brand of light skate punk that has strong hints of Rise Against and Authority Zero in its expression. Think the softer songs from the newer albums by Rise Against, or indeed any material by Authority Zero from past few years, and you're just about there. The key difference is that implants like to race through their songs in lightning speed, all the while providing Rufio style displays of technical prowess in the process.

So basically, skate punk referencing the golden 90s era of the genre, back when the genre saw a string of classics released by the likes of No Use For A Name, Millencolin, No Fun At All, and indeed Pulley, Strung Out, Ten Foot Pole and countless others. And when you enlist a Strung Out guitarist and his equivalent from Pulley on your roster, it's unsurprising to find debut album "From Chaos To Order" to be drowning in technical lead riffs that are supplemented by the thick, strongly present bass lines by Chris Del Rio of Ten Foot Pole fame. Throughout the record it's riffs galore with catchy, 90s Lagwagon meets modern Rise Against style lead vocals on top, resulting in an album that doesn't sound at all dated despite its obviously retrospective take on the genre. But as is the case in all such examples, as long as you write great songs you have nothing to worry about, and that's also what's happening on this album.

Yes, you've heard this type of stuff played in almost exactly the same way, or at least in various minor alternations in their main bands, yet as many other reviewers have said before me, this is exactly the sound that made Epitaph and Fat Wreck such important punk rock labels in the late 90s. I don't mean to be that guy, but "From Chaos To Order" is simply a reminder of how much better skate punk used to sound like during the late 90s than in 2013.


Download: Life Passes, Through The Window
For the fans of: Rise Against, Authority Zero, Pulley, Smoke Or Fire, Rufio, Strung Out
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Release date 07.05.2013
Cyber Tracks

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