Long Lost

Written by: DR on 10/10/2013 15:17:50

It wasn't until I saw the "Christian Rock Hard" episode of South Park that I learned of the existence of 'worship' rock music. Maybe I'm ignorant, or maybe I'm just a result of where I grew up, but religion isn't especially promient in the UK or in its rock music, especially when compared to America. So, Foreverlin's debut album, "Long Lost", a self-proclaimed 'worship' album, was always going to be difficult for me to appreciate.

Stylistically, Foreverlin owe a lot to the warm, non-threatening radio-rock of bands like Snow Patrol and Copeland, and they filter such influences through post-rock influenced build/release song-structures. Guitars twang and reverb convincingly, and the drums add a solid foundation on which Foreverlin attempt to build anthemic soundscapes. But while the instrumental side of this band is impressive, the performance of vocalist/lyricist Peter Blomgberg is a big stumbling block. He croons in a manner befitting many a turn-of-the-century nu-metal band, possibly in an attempt to come across as "heartfelt" and "passionate" but often landing too close to "contrived". Worst of all, he completely lacks any memorable vocal melodies and fails to create a chorus that will stick in your head after the album is finished. Moreover, the lyrics he's singing are so polarizing - they overuse the word "love" as a euphemism for God, as well as being unashamedly blunt and unambiguous in their religious message - that a non-religious person will likely find them too much to stomach.

Instrumentally Foreverlin do a lot right. Indeed, the best songs on the record, "They Shall Run And Not Be Weary" and "Blueprints", are entirely instrumental efforts. Even "Keep Me Always" displays promise; its musicianship is urgent and energetic, the textures constantly evolve and the lyrics are open-ended enough for the listener to not feel like they're being preached at. But, ultimately, the 'worship' aspect of "Long Lost" becomes inescapable - to the point where it becomes not just an influence, but a defining factor for this record and whether or not you will like it. With lyrics like "I know this life but I know this love / it's more than life / it's more than us / His love is made for us" and "To see your love / your holy love" common throughout, there's no room for interpretation, and the only people it will resonate with are those that share such views. Foreverlin's faith clearly means a lot to them, but when they say that they want to 'spread the word that there is hope in the world', one can only assume it is to those already onside with their beliefs. Because if you're not onside, "Long Lost" isn't ever going to change that or provide much worth listening to.

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Release Date 30.04.2013
Red Cord Records

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