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Written by: BV on 06/10/2013 19:13:22

The psychedelic scene is burgeoning all over the world at the moment, and so it is no surprise really to find The Holydrug Couple from Santiago, Chile. Ives Sepulveda, one part of The Holydrug Couple, usually spends a lot of time working with Föllakzoid – a space-rock outfit that rides steadily on a stream of transcendent instrumental jams. The Holydrug Couple is an entirely different outfit though, as they swerve through waves of nostalgia towards the summer of love and a burgeoning psychedelic scene fuelled by idealism that has long since passed.

It is this optimistic, almost escapist, ringing psychedelic music that serves as the foundation for The Holydrug Couple’s basic sound. As the all-encompassing reverb and the drumrolls overtake the opening track “Counting Sailboats”, the general vibe is clearly reminiscent of some romanticized summer of love ideals, yet somehow they don’t come off as ludicrously dated. More so, the following track, “Out of Sight”, sets the course for a mythical 60’s acid wonderland wherein mythical beings, messiah figures and epiphanies don’t seem to farfetched and everything is awesome. The laid-back vibe and the pristine ringing of the guitar-sound come off as idyllic, entrancing and beautifully orchestrated. However, the very first weak point of the album also stems from this particular vibe, as the album becomes rather easy to figure out over time. Seeing as most of these tracks are so relaxed, the peaks are easily predictable – but also tend to stand out that much brighter. However, once the peaks have been made discernible, much of the thrill and suspense quickly disappears from the otherwise beautifully executed soundscapes.

Later on the album, as “Paisley” is approached, the tone seems remarkably tighter, yet more free-floating at the same time. The guitar sounds remind me a great deal of Tame Impala’s recent work as they’ve got that same unearthly quality to them, yet the flair for pop-like arrangements seem to be missing for the resemblance to be truly astonishing. Despite seeming more concise though, “Paisley” soon falls in the same trap as many of its predecessors, as the dreamy, almost ethereal, qualities seem to overtake the soundscape – effectively washing away the possibility of really getting this album, due to the far too dreamy and drawn out soundscapes that are simply too un-evolving to really want to get into.

All in all, The Holydrug Couple still possess some amazing qualities within the psychedelic scene and the recent blossoming of psychedelic music. However, they have yet got some areas to improve upon in order to become truly magnificent. A more dynamic, shifting soundscape would be of great benefit to them, as they have a knack for creating lush soundscapes – they just need to knack to develop their visions fully as well.

Download: Out of Sight, Counting Sailboats
For The Fans Of: Föllakzoid, The Wands, Eternal Tapestry

Release Date 22.01.2013
Sacred Bones Records

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