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Norwegian Furze's new album "UTD" takes the throne as the most twistedly evil record if not in existence, at least in the review library of Rockfreaks.net. Every sound and obscure snarl throughout the album oozes of pitch black darkness and pure evil, it's the kind of music that even Satan himself would say "Damn that's evil!".

As you might have guessed, we are dealing with black metal here. While much of the genre is influenced by doom as well as death metal, Furze's lo-fi production and stupendously strange overall sound sways away from both significantly. In fact, there's a high possibility that after having plunged into the psychadelic realm of dark guitars of "Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall", you'll realize you have never heard something quite like it before. The purposefully lo-fi production makes it sound like you are standing at the entrance of a 500 metre deep cave, and the band is playing somewhere far away in the echoing darkness of that cave, while performing some demonic rituals on their instruments not suitable for the eyes of...well, anyone. The album is fast (but lengthy), and the snarls and growls sound like they are summoned by some kind of evil overlord as they appear from seemingly nowhere into the loathsome atmosphere.

Furze isn't for weak minds. Nor is it for strong minds. It's music for those that are extremely twisted in nature, those that want to explore the wicked, who aren't afraid of the wrath of God on Judgement Day. It's vicious and malevolent, obscene and repulsive in atmosphere. Just imagine Blair Witch Project and put that atmosphere into music. Try at your own risk.


Download: Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall
For the fans of: Katharsis, Leviathan, Urfaust
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Release date 05.02.2007
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