Failures, Failures, Failures And Hope

Written by: TL on 21/04/2007 19:44:01

Apparently having pretty much conquered the art of spawning quality melodic death metal bands on a regular basis isn't enough for the rock scene of Sweden, seeing as recent times have witnessed the full on assault of the emo/screamo genres by extremely talented Swedish bands like Chemical Vocation, Adept, herbrightskies and now Intohimo, a young sixpiece that has recently released their debut full length "Failures, Failures, Failures And Hope".

In Finnish "Intohimo" means "passion" and you'll understand the grounds for choosing that as a bandname once these guys have dropped their bomb of a debut album on you. "So Lonely.. So Scared" and then fuckin' mayhem. That's the way the first song "Dear Lisa (it's not dangerous to be scared but it's dangerous to live in fear)" kicks off, and from second one you'll be struck by the intesity of the high pitched screams this band is capable of, much similar to their Swedish genre-mates Adept as well as UnderOATH. The following "This Winter" displays clearly how the occasional clean and melodic part is post hardcore in the traditional way, sounding like Mewithoutyou only twenty times as wild and heavy. All the time you're pounded by electrifying jagged riffage and strange dark breakdowns, that seem like twisted dark versions of what the scene sounded like back in the At The Drive-In times.

The ultimate proof for how well their name fits comes in the form of the track "Dead To The World" as its moods are moist with passion more intense than anything we're used to hear, even in the screamo genre. It is passion that emits undeniably from the breathtaking vocal performances, both clean and screamed. Another stand out song is "Too Many Failures, Too Few Reasons", a song that is as monumental as it is epic and will have you screaming along the lines "Broken and torn down!" as well as "Burn! The! Old!".

All in all, Intohimo has come up with a screamo record that is precisely what one should be like. Intense, relentless and brutal songs are filled with passion that you can lose yourself in. Despite the fact that the band is hardly reinventing the wheel for the oversaturated genre on this record, they show incredible talent at what they do and I recommend it strongly for any fans of the genre.


Download: "Dead To The World", "Too Many Failures, Too Few Reasons"
For the fans of: Underoath, Adept, Blessthefall
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Release Date 09.03.2007
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