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Be The Lo-Fi Friend EP

Written by: PP on 26/09/2013 21:13:48

Denmark has an overabundance of mediocre rock bands, most of them referencing age-old back catalogues of seminal 90s bands and many of them eras even before that. On surface, Spit Rusty from Århus fits this exact category but thankfully their sophomore EP "Being The Lo-Fi Friend" proves that the band are so much more than that.

Chunky in its sound, dark in its nature, and solid in its riffs, the four-track EP recalls primarily Alice In chains in its seamless combination of hard rock and grunge. What that means in practice is slightly heavier instrumentation than, say, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, but still by no means metallic or unnecessarily abrasive in its nature. Think along the lines of Jane's Addiction and you're on the right track - at least instrumentally. But where Spit Rusty really starts standing out from the average rock band is in the vocal department. Lead singer Martin Arthur has a serious set of pipes, and sings his songs with lots and lots of charisma, which is crucial considering how many 90s-style grunge/alternative bands there are just in this country alone. The cleaner backing vocalists by the two guitarists provide a nice, spacious vibe to the chorus on "Living The Dash" as well, but where it all comes together in a fantastic way is on "Losing By Default". Now, here's a song that makes you want to drink beer and rock out big time. Not only is it catchy, but it has that sweet, dirty grunge vibe over the instrumentation (and the vocals), which makes it sound thoroughly authentic and convincing even to a skeptic's ears.

The other two tracks aren't bad either, but let's just put it this way. If the band can continue to churn out tracks like the two mentioned in this review, they will go far. This is the sort of classic alternative rock sound that's easily digested, yet carries depth, character, and most importantly, a powerful sound overall.

Download: Living The Dash, Losing By Default
For the fans of: Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction
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Release date 18.12.2012

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