Chasers Through The Desert

Masquerade Vol. 1 EP

Written by: PP on 26/09/2013 20:52:08

Looks like Chasers Through The Desert could learn something from this video based on their status updates. This Vejle, Denmark bunch used to be called In Between, but changed their name shortly after the release of their debut EP "Masquerade Vol. 1", which is a good idea because In Between isn't exactly the most searchable phrase on any semantics-based engine on the web. They claim to be influenced by the Californian 'Palm Desert Rock' movement, which sounds about right if you are to base it on the five songs found on this record.

With a slightly early Queens Of The Stone Age vibe under their wings, the band plays alternative rock with hints of stoner and grunge nuanced in their expression. Blues peeks its head on occasion - especially during the solos - but isn't a major factor in the music otherwise. The dirtily distorted guitars slide, screech, and sound like desert rock guitars should, and the band's vocalist croons in the same smokey, slightly distant manner as bigger stars do in the genre - Josh Homme being a big influence here no doubt. The droning tempo is also perfect for drawing up the lifeless desert imagery in your mind, so that part is well accomplished here.

However, even though Chasers Through The Desert have all the soundbites in order for a support slot for the next QOTSA or related band tour, they need to work a little more on their songwriting. "Now" and "Who I Am" are the only two songs that make a lasting impression, with the former really being the only standout track here. Everything else sounds more or less like standard fare for the genre, not necessarily bad, but not something that'd put the band on the map just yet. Let's see how they progress from here.


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For the fans of: older Queens Of The Stone Age, Smokesuit, Them Crooked Vultures, Masters of reality, Karma To Burn
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Release date 22.03.2013

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