Dead End Story

One For The Distant Shore EP

Written by: JWM on 25/09/2013 20:48:06

Dead End Story is a melodic punk rock band from Oulu, Finland and if you're thinking to yourself what "melodic punk rock" exactly means, it essentially means that the band plays first wave punk rock with all of it's simple melodies and bad vocals, only they're doing it now instead of 40 years ago. And that summarises this Finnish band and their début extended play "One For The Distant Shore" almost perfectly. The first track "Catch Me If I fall" welcomes its listeners with open arms as its fun punk melodies remind us of the decades of punk long past. Similarly "Sociopath" has a recall to 90s-era Blink-182 surging through it, and its guitar rhythm reminds me of "Story Telling" by Funeral For A Friend.

"Rebirth" brings the energy in skate punk form as it deviates from the gang vocals and catchy chords of the latter tracks to bring a classic, fast-paced sound. Vocalist Teemu showcases his gravelly vocals very well on this song, sounding similar to the like of Gallows' Wade McNeil and Christian Medaas of Death Is Not Glamorous. "Fade Into An Endless Gray" actually shows some great promise with an introductory guitar riff with a serious psychedelic inspiration à la Kasabian, only to drop into moody, melodic punk rock - although thankfully that riff features through-out the song, giving it more distinction amongst the otherwise stylistically stagnant extended play. But the new ideas run dry with the now typical elements of "Passing", closer "Seize the day" and the street punk of "God Bless us".

Fun and cheery as it may be, this album is an much part of the 90s revival trend as any other band that's riddled with inspiration from their local record store's punk rock collection. This is a downside as those influences are far too dominant on the record, so I can't help but feel like the album is lacking fresh ideas. "Fade Into An Endless Gray" as a stand out track actually makes you think perhaps there is so much more for this four-piece band to explore. But at this point, although generic this is a decent promotional EP with enough stand-out moments to at least get stuck in your head for a bit.

Download: Fade into an endless gray, Seize the day, Rebirth
For The Fans Of: Death Is Not Glamorous, Rise Against, Leatherface

Release date 28.08.2013
Ghost Music

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