Bite The Bullet

Bite The Bullet

Written by: BV on 25/09/2013 14:43:12

Sometime earlier this year, I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with Bite the Bullet, a splinter-group from the officially defunct Highway Child. Throughout the brief but fuzzed out 4-track EP I bestowed the job upon myself to follow-up on the review by also reviewing their impending full-length release. Now, some three months later, their full-length has landed in my vicinity and my impression of it is most definitely good.

As the album opens with the upbeat, fuzz-bass driven track “Going Out” I get the instant feeling of recognition. Surely, this cannot be anything else than Bite the Bullet. The party-starting groove of the bass, the churning chime of the guitar and the tender, yet extraordinarily rowdy vocals of this track are alluring and they initially seem to meet the relatively high standard of songwriting I had previously encountered from this outfit – even though the track itself is actually a bit on the dull side compared to the rest of the album, the craftsmanship is unmistakable. Equally so, the first single off the album, “Be Like You”, boogies with a certain type of swagger that reminds me quite a bit of The Black Crowes – just with a fuzzier bass.

Apart from the newer tracks, this full-length has also incorporated the tracks from the previously released EP in order to strengthen the overall impression – a smart decision, as my initial impressions towards the track “I Will Not Die” seemingly haven’t changed one bit. The track still stands out as an absolute highlight that displays Thomas Storgaard Christiansen’s immensely powerful vocal performance whilst constantly being supported by Christian Norup’s unmistakable fuzz-bass antics and the playful, yet emotive guitar-soloing of Paw Eriksen. As with this track, the newer track “Every Boy Has a Broken Soul” also comes off as a display of quality craftsmanship as well as a showcasing of each individual member’s particular strengths on the album.

The downside to it all, if I have to mention one, is most likely the far too soft track called “Home”, which shows off the band’s more experimental and ballad-laden side. – To far less success than the other tracks. The slow tempo and the far too sparse instrumentation makes for a somewhat uninteresting listen that might serve a greater purpose in a live setting than on an album, as it could provide a breather in an otherwise intense set on stage – whilst appearing as a stagnant point on an otherwise forceful album.

Three months ago I maintained a hope, or at least a desire, to hear more from Bite the Bullet that met the same high standard as their initial EP release. I’m glad to say I got it with this, their very first full-length album. In spite of some stagnant passages here and there, this album captures the very essence of their uniquely intense live-shows in a relatively focused, and most of all quite concise, release that should appeal to lovers of that good ol’ fuzz-rock. – Highway Child didn’t dissolve in vain.


Download: I Will Not Die, Every Boy Has A Broken Soul, Hit the Ground
For The Fans Of: Humble Pie, Free Fall, Highway Child, The Black Crowes
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Release date 23.09.2013
Bilocation Records

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