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For a three piece, who have been in existence for almost 10 years, with such an incredible back catalogue, it’s a surprise that Tracer have only recently been catapulted into the mainstream spotlight. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia and having released two independent mini albums, including 2009’s “LA?” Tracer only released their debut album “Spaces In Between,” in 2011. Despite a lack of label attention, the self-released “LA?” contained remarkable material, with standout tracks such as “Wrecking Ball” and “Sleep By the Fire”. Tracer have gone from strength to strength, their incredible debut album leading to them being announced ‘Best New Band’ at the 2012 Classic Rock Awards. The band has frequently been compared to the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Queens Of The Stone Age and with their previous couple of releases, these are obvious parallels, mostly arrived at due to the gravelly similarity of vocalist Michael Brown’s voice with that of Chris Cornell. However, Tracer have now released an album; “El Pistolero,” which does the impossible and exudes even more energy than “Spaces In Between!”

Tracer have gained more widespread notoriety in recent times, partly in the UK due to their exposure on the Planet Rock radio station, which has frequently played their hits such as “Devil Ride.” However, “El Pistolero” brings the bar for an album worth writing home about to a whole new level. Opening and title track “El Pistolero” kicks off to a promising start with a high level of attitude and energy, coupled with gritty, angsty vocals, building up the momentum to the maximum, before moving on to the sleazier “Lady Killer”. “Dead Garden” opens with a catchy riff and some very grunge-inspired vocals, at points reminiscent of Audioslave’s “Revelations,” reminding listeners exactly where the Chris Cornell comparison comes from. An incredibly impressive track comes in the form of “Wolf In Cheap Clothes,” which manages to exude a level of angst, which Seether’s Shaun Morgan would be most envious of, combined with an unbelievably catchy chorus.

Another corker of a track follows with the reflective yet epic “Scream In Silence,” a haunting track, which showcases the varied style of Michael Brown’s vocals, building up to what this time is even an outstanding chorus. This track is definitely Tracer at their best; mesmerizing vocals, filled with an intangible sorrow, producing modern, catchy memorable tracks with a generous helping of gritty, grungy influences. “There’s A Man” is an excellent example of Tracer’s combination of bluesy guitars, coupled with outbursts of attitude which is what makes them so memorable. The release concludes with “Now I Ride,” an excellent track which picks up pace from the penultimate “Until The War Is Won,” giving one last example of that combination of gritty vocals and catchy riffs which is what has set Tracer off them so well on their way to being the pioneers of the new grunge sound of the current decade.


Download: Wolf In Cheap Clothes, Scream In Silence, Now I Ride
For The Fans Of: Soundgarden, Seether, Pearl Jam

Release Date 06.05.2013
Provogue Records

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