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Written by: PP on 18/04/2007 12:55:19

The complex devastation of instruments in See You Next Tuesday's debut album "Parasites" is almost unfathomable. With chaotic brutality comparable to Bring Me To Horizon and skintight soundscapes reminiscent of Regurgitate, "Parasite" achieves what most grind albums don't. It has a sense of cohesion and direction, and is more than just senseless discordant pounding of instruments that most grind albums tend to be.

Nonetheless, the latter is likely to be your initial impression of the record, for such horridly morbid sound as songs like "Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy With It 'Til After Marriage" and "8 Dead, 9 If You Count The Fetus" depict isn't exactly easy to become friends with. The whole album bombs past you faster than a Ferrari on a freeway, clocking in just under twenty minutes with average track length of just over one minute. The riffs (if you can call them that) grind your skull out lightning speed, and the vocalist growls, screams and rages at you in a monotoneously low, monstrously ravaging tone that is both unrelenting and unforgiving.

It's not that the songs are spacey, because they are so jam-packed with tight instrumental anarchy that you'd have to go looking for long before finding anything tighter. But somewhere in the midst of that bedlam are hardcore influences, and yes, even screamo influences that make See You Next Tuesday sound like a hybrid of your most obscure grindcore bands and the ever-more-brutal metalcore scene. Whether that's caused in part by the occasionally oscillating riffage or the odd breakdown or two found in the album remains to be seen, but the modern 'scene' vibe is omnipresent throughout the whole album.

It would be too easy to scratch the album off your list after just two listens because the amount of immense turmoil ongoing on the record, which would flatten even the most extreme metalhead within minutes. But hidden underneath the surface lurks a loving beast, so to say. With a few forcibly attentive listens one will start to understand the constant tempo changes and the odd time signatures, that somehow begin to start cohesive and meaningful, and in the end prove to be a whole new and refreshing outtake on the whole grind genre, one that has been much needed for a long time.


Download: "Let's Go Halvsies On A Bastard", "Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward"
For the fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Regurgitate, Job For A Cowboy, Heavy Heavy Low Low
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Release date 03.04.2007

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