When The Fever Breaks EP

Written by: DR on 12/09/2013 21:35:34

Microwave, a four-piece out of Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, are new to the growing alternative/pop punk scene across the pond. But "When The Fever Breaks", their latest EP and only their second release overall, is likely to see them start to make a name for themselves. So much so, in fact, it wouldn't surprise me to see them get picked up by a No Sleep or Run For Cover Records type label.

It only features three songs and has a runtime of just over 10 minutes, but during that Microwave manage to impress themselves onto the listener. Their sound lands in a sweet spot between the grunge-y alternative of Title Fight, Balance and Composure and Basement and familiar pop-punk outfits like Saves The Day, Daytrader and Man Overboard, but does so without being easy to place next to any particular act. There's a balance between the light and the dark, the quiet and loud, with steady walls of guitars set against bright melodies. Vocalist Wesley Swanson epitomizes this: his voice has both the harmony and aggression required to convincingly deliver infectious melodies and harsh, throaty screams.

"Labor Day" summarizes Microwave's sound: it has a constant nod to Basement and Daylight throughout with its distorted, dirty riffs underneath the memorable tenor of Swanson, and it even remains credible as the song breaks into shouted vocals. "Grass Stains" shows this band's hopeful side with its repeated refrains of "I'll probably never be a famous writer, but I can read and write okay... I'll probably never be a fearless fighter, but I could write this off today... You'll probably never love me like I love you, but I love you still the same" as it swells to its emotive climax. It's the EP highlight, proving Microwave's ability to write memorable songs.

This quartet lean close to many a band around at the moment, flirting between obvious influences in more recognisable names, but they never lean too heavily on any of them. They stand on their own feet, and do so with enough conviction and quality that it's surely a matter of when, not if, they'll become a noteworthy act in the scene. Even at only three songs long, "When The Fever Breaks" proves Microwave are a band worth keeping an ear out for in the future.

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For The Fans of: Basement, Saves The Day, Balance & Composure, Daytrader, Tigers Jaw, Transit
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Release Date 17.09.2013

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