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Written by: PP on 11/09/2013 21:54:44

The Real Danger is a punk rock band out of Holland, whose vocalist sounds like a dead ringer for Less Than Jake's Chris DeMakes especially on their recent albums. When the instrumentals are added to consideration, the similarity is so striking that I wouldn't blame anyone asking whether they were listening to a new Less Than Jake album while listening to this, just without horns or ska rhythms. Goldfinger comes as a close second to parallels drawn from "Down And Out", their third studio album that's mixed by none other than Stephen Egerton (Descendents), though The Real Danger are decisively less straight up pop punk in comparison.

That means you can expect bright, melodic punk rock songs sung with a slightly roughened, charismatic style, with plenty of references to Gainesville style punk rock as well as to bigger bands like Face To Face. It's straight up punk rock with no added flavors or ingredients, reasonably catchy and easily likable, with good tempo, and generally an avoidance of the clichés of pop punk in favor of a melodic punk rock sound instead. At the same time, however, the expression is rather anonymous with no stand out tracks, albeit no specifically bad tracks either. "Down And Out" merely features 12 tracks of standard fare punk rock that's super easy to digest and get into, but that leaves no big impression on its listener. If that reads like I'm repeating the same things sentence after sentence, then that's because I am, because that's how it feels like listening to "Down And Out" as well. Song after song sounds more or less the same as the one before, which isn't necessarily bad because they're fairly catchy, but again, I'm left yearning for more tracks to cling onto as I pop the record off my player.

For now, this is a must for all LTJ fans and maybe also those of Goldfinger, but frankly The Real Danger are a step below these bands on the punk rock ladder, even if they mean well and have their heart and soul in the expression.

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Release date 15.03.2013
Shield Recordings

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