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Counseling EP

Written by: PP on 11/09/2013 21:24:27

Whether it's because they grew up with the New York Hardcore legacy in their surroundings or not, Go Deep's sound is distinctly straightforward. The Brooklyn based band plays their form of hardcore punk with no added ingredients and without pretension: just breakneck speed riffs and a d-beat on the background, with yelled, halfway clean vocals spat out on top. There's of course room for the occasional slower song like "Elders" that starts off with an old school two-step rhythm, but for the vast majority of time "Counseling" EP races by you in a slightly monotonous, high-speed fashion. Bands like Sinking Ships, Capital, and The First Step come to mind, perhaps even old Comeback Kid minus the screaming, given how punk oriented their hardcore expression is overall.

At the same time, songs like "Glossectomy" are oddly catchy. Part of this is attributable to the semi-clean vocals that allow you to follow their vocalist's delivery with ease, and partly it's due to the sense of immediacy present in all their songs. That said, it's hard to avoid sounding like there's a fire beneath you when you rush through 7 tracks in just 11 minutes, but then again, it makes Go Deep at least a tolerable listen, if not outright enjoyable in places. Still, one has to ask the question of how many similar breakneck tempo, yell-it-out-loud hardcore bands have we gone through in the last two years alone? Does Go Deep have what it takes to stand above that saturated mass? "Counseling" EP doesn't provide a clear answer, because despite it's moments, it can't be a good sign if you start feeling like the record starts monotonous about halfway through an 11 minute record.

Download: Late Notice, Glossectomy
For the fans of: Sinking Ships, The First Step, old Comeback Kid, Capital
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Release date 02.04.2013
Mayfly Records

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