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Written by: PP on 03/09/2013 22:38:37

From the recent batch of hardcore / metalcore records sent to us by the Italian label Indelirium records, "10 OZ" by hardcore band Straight Opposition from Pescara, Italy is by and large the weakest one. They state their influences to be true 80s hardcore bands and music, which is their problem nicely summed up in a nutshell. They're trying to recreate a style and sound that's long gone and since turned irrelevant for all but the key bands who were originally around in that era. Alas, "10 OZ" sounds not just dated, but also one dimensional and wanna-be in comparison, even if the band's hearts might be in right place.

Basically what you get is a little over ten minutes of rumble-and-roll style hardcore spread over seven short tracks. You have a vocalist who sounds like a mixture between Napalm Death's Barney and a few classic 80s hardcore frontmen, yelling his way angrily in a monotonous and nothing saying manner from start to finish without as much as a note of variation in his style. At the same time, it's back to standard fare down tuned riffs that borrow from hardcore punk, but remember to slow down the pace for the occasional two step section here and there. The problem is that their approach to the style is plain boring and uninspired. They want to live the 80s so bad that they end up sounding like a cheap imitation of the era. No new additions, innovation, et cetera is apparently necessary if you are to believe this band on record. Unfortunately, they don't translate across with enough spirit or aggression to matter, so in the end you have a monotonous hardcore revival album that you shouldn't feel guilty not taking a closer listen to.


Download: End Of October
For the fans of: generic 80s hardcore
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Release date 05.03.2013
Indelirium Records

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