Thousand Autumns

Chasing Boats EP

Written by: PP on 03/09/2013 22:23:44

Thousand Autumns are a new band from just outside of London, UK, whose debut EP "Chasing Boats" carries all the symptoms of a band putting out a release slightly too early in their musical careers. At just four-tracks in length, it exposes wide open their technical difficulty not just in songwriting but particularly in the vocal department, where the screaming sounds terribly forced--even difficult at times--and the clean singing is too nasal and approaching off-tune in places. When put together with bland instrumentation, "Chasing Boats" lacks charisma in the worst way, which is essentially its biggest problem.

"White Compass" opens the EP with an attempt at a complex and contemplative mood, where a progressive song structure leans towards the realms of Thrice especially given the slow shifts between clean singing and screaming over ambient soundscapes. It's then immediately followed by "Mud", which sounds like it could be a Bayside track mixed with early to mid 2000s era Silverstein records. Post-hardcore is the name of the game here, but you've heard this genre played much before in the past to be honest.

What needs to happen now is for Thousand Autumns to return to the rehearsal room and work on their vocals. They need to be more interesting so they can carry the songs better. At the same time, the band needs to find a way to add a boatload of identity and/or charisma in their sound before they'll come across as anything but a bland work-in-progress.


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Release date 01.04.2013

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