A Great Big Pile Of Leaves

You're Always On My Mind

Written by: JWM on 02/09/2013 19:59:50

It's surprising to see a band have such a down to earth name as A Great Big Pile of Leaves, only to be juxtapositioned by a sentimental album title like "You're Always On My Mind", but that's what modern bands do now I suppose, and in any case, releasing "You're Always On My Mind" through Topshelf records, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves situate themselves among contemporary artists on the same roster, like Into It, Over It. and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die.

The record starts with "Snack Attack", which uses numerous staples of recent indie rock, such as high pitched "hoots" from the whole band, a heavy/soft dynamic and a brilliant melody. The band's singer reminds me so much of the singer of Two Door Cinema Club's Alex Trimble that I actually had to make sure it was a different band, and not TDCC stripping their sound back.

As the album progresses though, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves prove themselves capable of dynamic indie rock with a emo and folk attitude. This kind of dynamic has allowed them to vary stylistically within songs, shown on tracks like "Flying Fish" or "Back To School" with it's surf rock riff which nicely fills up the break. "Ambiversion" and "Locus of Control" woke me up to this band clearly having been influenced by the Midwestern emo revival currently happening in the United States.

I would say that this album is good because it's catchy and it's soft. If you've got any more opportunities to relax in the sun this year, make sure you spin this album, because it quite literally should be in your summer play-list. However, I felt this band missed out on something to help take them to the next level of their career, excellent; namely well thought out songs with memorable choruses. Much like many bands of the emo revival scene, they seem to oppose your classical rock structure and intentionally dodge memorable choruses. This means that the album seems to merge together in my mind, inevitably making me think it lacks strong songs apart from the introduction song.


Download: Snack Attack, Back To School, Fun in the Sun
For the fans of: Foals, Into It. Over It., Two Door Cinema Club
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Release Date 02.07.2013
TopShelf Records

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