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For having assembled as star struck line up for his solo project as Angra's vocalist Edu Falaschi has, one would expect something grand and great to come out of it. Just the thought of having Porra, the Stratovarius bassist, collaborating with the Nightwish guitarist Vuorinen and the Kamelot drummer Grillo all under the instruction of Edu Falaschi should raise the eyebrows of most metalheads. But as history has shown before (Audioslave, Velvet Revolver), supergroups rarely ever live up to the expectations, which is sadly also the case with Edu's solo effort "Almah".

Unsurprisingly, Edu's choice of genre is heavy metal influenced power metal. It's a bit of a shame that such a talented group of musicians resort to exploring the exact same soundscapes as hundreds of other bands in the last few years. Everything on "Almah" has been heard before, from the massive open ended riffs to the colossal soundscape-creating keyboards and big choruses. The only variation the album ever sees is in the ballad "Forgotten Land", which has a subtle drum beat and soothing vocal work and barely any other instrumentation at all before the choruses. But that's only a pause near the middle of the album, before it returns back to the power metal cliché sound.

That said, there are a few good tunes on the album; "Scary Zone" has that extra bit of vocal differentiation mid-song that makes it stick out, and "King" has been written with the chorus in mind and the result is predictably infectious. But in the end, the album as a whole is filled with clichés and the overall feeling is that it saw its expiration date about five years ago. There is no Second Coming of Power Metal in sight, and consequently most releases in this genre end up sounding as tiresome and unnecessary as "Almah". Talent well wasted.


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For the fans of: Angra, Stratovarius, Silent Force, Messiah's Kiss
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Release date 05.03.2007
AFM Records
Provided by Target ApS

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