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Written by: PP on 27/08/2013 23:58:12

Now that I'm already dealing with hardcore releases today, let's have a look at this one by Step On Memories from Vicenza, Italy, which might be one of the more interesting releases I've heard come out of that country as of late. "Furthest", as the album is called, is a modern melodic hardcore record that channels the high-energy, gang-shout fueled expression of Comeback Kid and Bane through a fiery soundscape that isn't afraid to use boatloads of lead guitar melody when appropriate. The resulting mix is an extremely enjoyable and easily likable slab of melodic hardcore which, while not original by any means, is delivered in a convincing manner throughout its 35 minutes and 11 tracks.

Basically, expect melodic guitar lines, relatively high tempo throughout with a couple of slower tracks to contrast in the middle, a raw, but entirely decipherable scream, and plenty of backing gang shouts to top things off. Another influence you might also name is The Hope Conspiracy, but frankly Step On Memories are more like a product of the three bands mentioned rather than a clone of any of them. Much like their label colleagues The Memory, they deliver catchy, melodic hardcore in international class, but without forgetting the occasional two-step moment for those into old school hardcore rhythms as well. It's relatively unsurprising it its content, and offers a fairly similar sound throughout the record, which is why it's difficult to jot down any more words about them in this review. In a nutshell, if you like Comeback Kid's melodic material - think "G.M. Vincent & I" style of gang shout-driven hardcore - then you'll like this. If you like your hardcore monotonous and without melody, then give this one a skip, as it's on the opposite end of the hardcore spectrum for your tastes.


Download: Carved With This, In Gold We Trust,
For the fans of: Comeback Kid, The Hope Conspiracy, Bane, Casey Jones, The Memory
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Release date 09.03.2013
Indelirium Records

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