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Århus, Denmark based Diamond Drive have slowly been building their fan base with a few well-received and nationally acclaimed EPs underneath their belt already, one of which we took a look at a couple of years ago. "Temporality", their debut full length, basically continues where those EPs left off, although with a slightly refined and a more focused sound that should start opening some doors for the band in the national live circuit at least.

"Temporality" is essentially a mainstream rock / hard rock record with a nu-metal twist, which almost certainly sources its influence from the excellent records by Alter Bridge. They opt for similarly big-size riffs capable of filling the larger club venues in Denmark, while also providing a strong vocal performance that, on occasion, delivers some very catchy and instantly memorable chorus work. Examples include "Shadow Of A Ghost" and "Breached", both tracks that parallel Alter Bridge's style where catchy alternative rock is contrasted by technically proficient, even impressive instrumental work. Elsewhere, such as on "Five Stages", the approach relies more on a heavier sound where screaming is in the spotlight. Here, the band's nu-metal influence is exposed, as the listener is taken towards bands like Disturbed, Drowning Pool, and other bands from the early 2000s thanks to the metallic base in their guitar sound.

Fortunately, Diamond Drive simultaneously add enough of their own character to avoid being labeled a nu-metal band, because in 2013 sounding like a nu-metal band almost inevitably means you sound dated and past your prime. Here, they have found a good balance between the heavier, metallic end of their sound and the alternative rock style, just like Alter Bridge did on their newer albums. "Temporality" may be slightly inconsistent in its songwriting overall, but there are enough catchy songs here to justify a good rating.


Download: Breached, Shadow Of A Ghost, Human, Clarity
For the fans of: Alter Bridge, Disturbed
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Release date 07.06.2013
Noisehead Records

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