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When considering the abnormal tempo in which Ty Segall continues to record and release material, one can only assume that the title of his latest album, ”Sleeper”, is some sort of ironic statement as Ty Segall can hardly find the time to sleep in between touring and recording. Nonetheless, “Sleeper” is perhaps the most apt title for this album as it marks a transition from his heavy and vastly aggressive outbursts of garage rock over to a more melancholic acoustic approach.

Indeed, the title track is perhaps the most fitting example of this record’s main sound as it opens with a gentle whistle whilst a minor chord progression gets strummed – constantly rising just a bit in intensity while Segall sings; “Oh sleeper / my dreamer / I dream a dream for you” – a lyric that, in all its simplicity, could be interpreted as an ode to a loved one or perhaps a vague memory of loss as the mood seems highly melancholic on this track.

This generally acoustic approach might come off as a turn-off for some of the die-hard Segall fans, as this is quite clearly something of a step away from the blazing riffs, oceans of power-chords and wailing fuzz tones. Oddly enough though, these are probably some of the best songs Segall have written in quite a while – at least in terms of lyricism. This is extremely evident on the track “She Don’t Care” where Segall sings; “He packed his bags this morning/ he bought his ticket today/ don't you go away/ not today” - a lyric that is essentially highly relatable for many different reasons, while containing what could in fact be a somewhat cloaked reference to his personal life – which, as far as I can tell, is often shrouded in at least a bit of mystery. It’s not all melancholy though, as the track “Crazy” most of all resembles a catchy folk-esque tune with both a verse and a chorus that are highly memorable and joyously upbeat. Ironically though, the lyrical content on this track is far from as exciting as the melancholy that seems to color a great deal of the other tracks – but that might just be a matter of personal taste.

Granted, an entire album of acoustic songs is an extremely daring move from a man who usually deals with sonic annihilation and brutal yells, screams and frantic on-stage behavior but seen from a general perspective this album has relatively few dull moments due, in most part, to the varying lyrical content and a voice that seems more charismatic than ever – especially now that it is quite evident without the walls of fuzz surrounding it.

In other words, “Sleeper” is far from as multifacetted as many of its predecessors (like “Hair” or “Twins”) as Segall has, for once, picked a sound and settled on it throughout an album rather than racing through fuzz-riffs, to melancholic strumming over through psychedelic apocalyptic visions and back to fuzz. This album contains basic, acoustic songs with scarce instrumentation but it stands as Ty Segall’s most focused work to date – whether you like this focus or not, is an entirely different matter. I sure like this focus quite a bit.

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Release Date 20.08.2013
Drag City

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