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Find Your Soul In Beautiful Lunatics

Written by: BV on 26/08/2013 17:05:06

Lucky Funeral is a sludge/prog metal outfit based in Greece. With “Find Your Soul in Beautiful Lunatics”, their third release, the band continues in the general direction of heavy riffing, ambient textures and aggressive vocal work – to mixed success, that is.

With the eerie ambience of the opening track “The Awakening”, Lucky Funeral seem to follow in the same footsteps as many other prog-metal acts, like Dyscordia or Porcupine Tree for instance, by utilizing a sequence of ambient noises and bits and pieces of melody in order to set the mood for the utterly heavy following track “Souls in the Waiting Room”. This track contains an incredibly funky bass-line and a fairly memorable riff. However, the track in itself never really reaches amazing heights as the vocal work, in spite of being aggressive as fuck, never really gets a grip of me – nor comes off as anything truly spectacular.

Moving on to “Mnemosyne” we’ll be treated to some truly impressive drumwork as the infectious fills within the barrage of riffing quickly garners the full fixation of my interest. Once again, the riff is fairly memorable and the vocal work is solid, but I can’t help but feeling that this band, in spite of being solid, falls somewhat short when compared to the likes of Dyscordia or Porcupine Tree. – The songs on “Find Your Soul in Beautiful Lunatics” aren’t bad at all in fact, they’re just not as equally impressive as many other genre-affiliated bands.

Let’s not get carried away though, as there are quite a few interesting passages on the track “Chorus”, where the ambience seems to take a front-seat role, rather than acting as a backdrop for yet another escapade of crushing riffs and aggressive sounds. The recurring ambient guitar part that constantly resides on top of the general mix is perhaps what makes this track the most interesting one on the album, for me personally that is, as this melodic little figure serves as a breather from the constant onslaught of more or less successful riffing.

Now, as you might have guessed at this point, I sincerely believe that Lucky Funeral are far more interesting in terms of ambience than they are when the focus turns towards riffing, as they seem to have a much greater flair for the ambience. Nonetheless this album does seem to have a somewhat decent array of interesting songs and moments - thus making it a solid, though not entirely successful, release.

Download: Mnemosyne, Chorus
For The Fans Of: Porcupine Tree, Dyscordia, Aphrodite's Child

Release Date 17.05.2013
Lychnopolis Records

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