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Songs To Invade Countries To

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Calling one’s penultimate album “Fluke?” could be argued to be tempting fate, however London five piece Voodoo Six threw caution to the wind and succeeded in producing another hard rock classic in true style. “Songs To Invade Countries To” is the band’s second release with current vocalist Luke Purdie and follows on from the highly acclaimed “Fluke?” from 2010, which delivered infectious radio hits such as “Take Aim” and “Take The Blame.” It has certainly been a busy summer for the band, having supported Iron Maiden in Europe, played at several Sonisphere festivals and Download and having announced a UK tour with Sacred Mother Tongue for later in the year.

“Songs To Invade Countries To” is a solid release, one strong track after another and certainly no filler in sight. With producers such as Tony Newton and Pedro Ferreira, who have worked with artists such as The Darkness and Enter Shikari and mastered by Ade Emsley, famous for his work with Iron Maiden, it is no surprise that expectations have been high. If this wasn’t enough to set the bar pretty high, Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris added to the pressure with “I've been keeping an eye on Voodoo Six for a while now, and they've produced a cracking new album with real promise. It's great to support true British up ‘n’ coming talent such as theirs, and it will be a pleasure to have them out with us on tour.”

“Songs To Invade Countries To” opens with “Falling Knives,” a bold announcement that Voodoo Six are back with their traditional hard rock riffs and Luke Purdie’s sleazy vocals at their raw and gravelliest yet. “All That Glitters” displays some heavier guitars, showcasing Voodoo Six’s musical skills at their best, before Purdie’s infectious, aggressive vocals kick in, building up to an incredibly catchy chorus. The release mellows out for a reflective moment during the intro to “Lead Me On,” displaying the band’s stylistic range, even straying into almost theatrical territory, before moving on to an epic chorus. The band’s single “Sink or Swim” comes with a dark moody video to match and an air of the previous album’s hits about it. With attitude in abundance and a fresh energy, this is most definitely a track worth checking out. If the question was whether Voodoo Six would Sink or Swim, this single illustrates that they have most certainly done the latter. The band keeps up the momentum with single release “Your Way,” yet manage to up it to a whole new level for “Sharp Sand” and “Stop.” “Brick Wall” displays a more bluesy style, whichs when coupled with Purdie’s raw vocals, delivers an excellent result.

Whilst the overall style of “Songs To Invade Countries To” echoes that of “Fluke?” some tracks are more akin to the sound of the previous release than others, “Waiting In Line” being an apt example. This track displays the band’s guitars to an exceptional standard and reminds listeners what Voodoo Six are all about; effortlessly excellent raw vocals, a hard rock edge and guitar playing to write home about. The release concludes with bonus track “One More Day,” an excellent finishing note with a grimy heavy rock tone. Voodoo Six have undoubtedly excelled themselves once more and proven without doubt that their catchy radio hits such as “Take Aim” were certainly not a “Fluke.”

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Release Date 27.05.2013

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