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Open Fire

Written by: PP on 16/04/2007 13:07:26

It hasn't been long since I reviewed Rebel Meets Rebel's southern fried country metal record, and already I'm facing the next band that's taken a few too many tours of the southern states and worn a few too many cowboy hats. I'm speaking of course about none other than Alabama Thunderpussy, who return in a slightly more metallic form to give us yet another onslaught of whiskey drenched vocals and impressive fretwork to awe all those wearing cowboy hats and attending rodeos.

Despite my general dislike of the whole southern-fried sound, "Open Fire" has several songs that I'm likely to pop into my regular playlist. "Words Of The Dying Man" is as catchy as it is dirtily distorted, and is gifted with awesome guitar work and hard rock style rock n roll vocal delivery. The new vocalist Kyle Thomas' voice depicts the sound of TV's flying out of hotel rooms in extremely drunken parties, and the riffs are ballsy, masculine and right-wing. We're speaking of guys playing at a Texas ranch or, not surprisingly, a disgustingly redneck backwood Alabama bar. "The Beggar" is equally hard rock, and though it isn't heavy as such, it's riffs are metallic and the fretwork is predominantly quality work.

"Open Fire" is an album for those who don't mind the whole drunken metallic hard rock with an attitude. It's so peculiarly un-trendy and denied of any mainstream attention that it's cool in its own way. Think grill parties, cowboy hats and Hooters - the image Alabama Thunderpussy depicts. Whether that's good or bad, I'll let you decide.

Download: Words Of The Dying Man, The Beggar
For the fans of: Rebel Meets Rebel, He Is Legend, Acid King, High On Fire
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Release date 12.03.2007
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